About us

With over 40 years in the financial market, was on payroll-deductible loan, investments and insurance, Paraná Banco (“PB”) was one of the pioneers in payroll-deducted credit in the country.

Over the past four decades, Paraná Banco has created a solid payroll-deductible loan business for Brazilian Institute of Social Security (INSS) and the public sector based on a differentiated distribution model, strong relationship with the main agreements and operational efficiency. All of this contributed to the sustainable growth of quality credit portfolio and regular financial results.

We underwent a digital transformation in 2019, in which we pioneered the creation of a proprietary technological structure, focused on developing the best experience through a digital model for the customer, combined with the efficiency of internal processes, ensuring rapid scalability.

After building up a consolidated physical presence in the south and southeast regions of Brazil, our digital solution broke the regional barriers, enabling a much broader reach, creating conditions to grant payroll-deductible loan for retirees and pensioners from the INSS, Siepe and Army, among others, comprehensively throughout the national territory.

The company’s focus continues to be the constant development of payroll-deductible loan, while also growing in other credit lines and further diversifying the portfolio of products for our customers, striving for efficiency and profitability in our transactions.

Paraná Banco is also one of the first banks to operate in the performance bond segment in Brazil, through its subsidiary Junto Seguros. The product is similar to a bank guarantee letter and its purpose is to guarantee the fulfillment of obligations established in public and private contracts or bids. Another subsidiary – Junto Resseguros – reinsures the surety bond and rental guarantee policies issued by the insurer.

Our main objective is to place the customer at the center of our journey, to turn financial solutions into smiles. To this end, we also seek to look after our employees, to offer the best service.

PB is highly rated by the most renowned risk rating agencies, the result of a portfolio with low delinquency, historically healthy rates, and high liquidity. The table below shows the ratings assigned by the agencies: Standard & Poor’s, Fitch and RiskBank.

Therefore, we reinforce our vision of providing the best payroll-deductible loan in Brazil.

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