Corporate Profile

Since 1995, with the enactment of Decree Law No. 1,488, which authorized the deduction on the payroll of public service employees of the state of Paraná, Paraná Banco has focused its business on the payroll deductible loan segment. Since then, Paraná Banco has shown consistent growth, combined with low default rates, which has turned the Company into a profitable bank.

Through the JMalucelli Seguradora, Paraná Banco was also one of the first banks to operate in the Surety Bond segment in Brazil, a financial product similar to a bank letter of guarantee that is designed to ensure the performance of obligations established in public or private contracts or in bids. This segment had not yet been explored in Brazil, in which JMalucelli Seguradora is the absolute leader in emission of surety bond with a market share of 28.3%, according to data available at SUSEP from December 2012.

Today besides the payroll deductible loan and the surety bond, Paraná Banco also operates in Middle Market loans, consumer finance, through partnerships with the retailing and reinsurance segments. The reinsurance is an innovative service added to Paraná Banco´s portfolio in 2008, after the end of IRB´s monopoly, “Brasil Resseguros S/A”.

JMalucelli Re started its operation basically concentrating on the premiums written by JMalucelli Seguradora. 100% of the premiums reinsured by JMalucelli Seguradora are currently conducted through JMalucelli Re, and the others reinsurance companies in this category. Qualified as a local reinsurance company, JMalucelli Resseguradora and others have the right to receive 40% of the reinsured premiums, pursuant to SUSEP´s Dispatch 225. In November of 2013, according to the data available at SUSEP, JMalucelli Resseguradora´s market-share was 30,8% only for the Group who includes surety bonds and loan insurance.

In 2013, Paraná Banco launched a new business, the “non-traditional real estate loan”, known as Home Equity. The new area of Trade Finance has come to contribute with the agility and speed in financing international market operations destined to exporters and importers.

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